Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

Went to the exhibit at the Brisbane Museum today and it was fab!

The 3d movie to start the exhibit was awesome! It showed how they look inside the Mummy and what they find all wrapped up inside.

The mummy they focused on was  Nesperennub, a priest. It showed how a clay bowl was left on his head during the embalming process.Whoops!

There were 4 Mummies and over 100 objects, including a cat and ibis Mummies!

There was so much information and so many artifacts it really was worth seeing.

The day was then followed up with coffee and a shopping trip to the new Carindale Westfield! Impressive but it was a maze….



Found this in an MX paper this week. Thought it was interesting as we have these mice at my work! Minus the hair growth :p

Still….there is hope for hairless people in the future!



So I love a good cup of tea and I decided to try some tea from T2.

There was so much to choose from and the one I wanted to try was sold out! But then I found this….



I’m trying ‘sleep tight’ as I type this. Yumm!


Ahhh Easter, any excuse to eat chocolate will do thanks!

Have had a fantastic long weekend, except wish it was a bit longer. (had to work today!)

Spent quite alot of it at the pub, ran into some old friends, ate some fantastic food (thanks Mummy and Daddy Powell and Mummy Duffy) and did a spot of shopping! PERFECT!

Even started walking to and from work save some money!





So, we planned a surprise shin dig for my mums 50th birthday and lets just say she had no idea and was completely shocked! YAY!

We had a BBQ with all of her closest friends and ate heaps, drank heaps and chowed down on a lolly buffet supplied by my clever sister!

The next day we took mum to Sea World in order to give her the gift we got her as well. It was a behind the scenes tour of the Penguin Arctic Enclosure and to actually go in a meet the penguins! Of course Sare and I had to do this as well, I am the biggest lover of all animals so I could not miss this opportunity to see an animal I wouldn’t normally get to observe!

So armed with our ski gear and safety goggles we headed into the enclosure! The penguins we got to see were Gentoo penguins and King penguins, the Gentoo’s were more inquisitive and the King’s were timid!! Despite their size!

We got to pat them when they came close and got to see them all buzzing about their enclosure (and stacking it out of the pool!)

We had some cool pictures taken with the penguins and got to talk to the head keeper who was full of amazing information on these animals – like they are the fastest swimming penguins and they are the 3rd largest of the species!

Then….I had an encounter with one of the female Gentoo’s! She took quite a liking to my hand and decided that some nuzzling was what she wanted to do, and….nuzzle she did for about 5 straight minutes, non stop – and when I took my hand away, proceeded to love bite me to inform me she had not had enough love!

All in all it was an awesome weekend and I got to spend time with my family and animals! Couldn’t have been any better!!!