Catch Up

Sooo…it as been a while since my last post! I’ve been a busy lady!

I will fill you in.

I have been flat out at work, which is not surprising….as we are understaffed! So lets just say I have gained a bit of flex time over the last few weeks.

On Friday night to celebrate the long weekend and to catch up with some people I had not seen in a little bit…….I got SMASHED – which I do very well! Grocery shopping on Saturday was not very fun at all – totally hungover………

On Saturday night I attended the Jade Buddha Full Moon Party. There was a fashion show, free seafood (yes…freee!) and heaps of entertainment. I had a great time.

Then we decided to party on …….but…the city was dead! There was no body out and about. So into the Valley we went, I got drunk and ate way to much Macca’s.(Pretty typical for me)

I spent Sunday recovering, shopping with my mummy and at a Tupperware party. 

All in all – a great long weekend.

Enjoy my drunken pics 🙂
















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