Soo…haven’t posted for a while. I have been flat out!

I’m studying at tafe again and sorting out a whole bunch of paperwork and what not for the subjects I want to RPL. Isn’t that a process………………

I’m still working at the same place and hopefully we move into the new building soon, see if that will change the behaviour of certain people. Doubtful but I can hope right?

I got angry the other day whilst filling my car up with fuel and I broke my fuel cap….so I need to find another.

I got really drunk again Friday night, and I felt so incrediably shite. I stayed out until 4am which I have not done in YEARS. So this prompted a detox.

We will se how long that lasts shall we 🙂

I baked cookies today and they worked! Surprised?

Here are some pics from the last few weeks. 🙂






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