So….sorry, its been a while!

I have been flat chat with work (Surprise, surprise!) and generally busy, leaving me with enough time to only eat, sleep and work. (That’s a lie :p)

I have recently just finished reading ’50 Shades of Grey’ and the other two books in the trilogy and OH MY! Wholly Christian Grey – fantasy man much (Minus all the ahhhhh baggage!)

These books have consumed me basically and I have enjoyed them way too much!

I’m all for a movie version – R rated of course – no leaving out the good bits….

Last Saturday my sister and I decided to dress the same and see if we could fool anybody – while we didn’t really trick anyone we got a few funny looks and really enjoyed it.

I promise I will post more regularly from now on but until then check out my pics. 🙂





It’s been a while……

So close yet so far……… Behind the door at work!


I’ve been a busy bee! You will be glad to hear Tafe is done for the semester and I passed all exams and assignments. YAY 🙂

Whats new pussycat?

Sooo…where have you been you ask???

Well too busy to post unfortunately…still working my sucky job and putting in some overtime which has led me to have no time for ANYTHING else.

I do however have a new hair colour! Which I have told you about but….I love it now which I did not before! You weren’t going to guess that were you?

Check it 🙂



So loving this atm. It’s me new thing in my quest to sleep better, have more energy and quit the redbull/V/mother/wicked/monster that I drink!

I’ve heard flower essences work…so ill try it myself.



Soo…haven’t posted for a while. I have been flat out!

I’m studying at tafe again and sorting out a whole bunch of paperwork and what not for the subjects I want to RPL. Isn’t that a process………………

I’m still working at the same place and hopefully we move into the new building soon, see if that will change the behaviour of certain people. Doubtful but I can hope right?

I got angry the other day whilst filling my car up with fuel and I broke my fuel cap….so I need to find another.

I got really drunk again Friday night, and I felt so incrediably shite. I stayed out until 4am which I have not done in YEARS. So this prompted a detox.

We will se how long that lasts shall we 🙂

I baked cookies today and they worked! Surprised?

Here are some pics from the last few weeks. 🙂





Catch Up

Sooo…it as been a while since my last post! I’ve been a busy lady!

I will fill you in.

I have been flat out at work, which is not surprising….as we are understaffed! So lets just say I have gained a bit of flex time over the last few weeks.

On Friday night to celebrate the long weekend and to catch up with some people I had not seen in a little bit…….I got SMASHED – which I do very well! Grocery shopping on Saturday was not very fun at all – totally hungover………

On Saturday night I attended the Jade Buddha Full Moon Party. There was a fashion show, free seafood (yes…freee!) and heaps of entertainment. I had a great time.

Then we decided to party on …….but…the city was dead! There was no body out and about. So into the Valley we went, I got drunk and ate way to much Macca’s.(Pretty typical for me)

I spent Sunday recovering, shopping with my mummy and at a Tupperware party. 

All in all – a great long weekend.

Enjoy my drunken pics 🙂















Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

Went to the exhibit at the Brisbane Museum today and it was fab!

The 3d movie to start the exhibit was awesome! It showed how they look inside the Mummy and what they find all wrapped up inside.

The mummy they focused on was  Nesperennub, a priest. It showed how a clay bowl was left on his head during the embalming process.Whoops!

There were 4 Mummies and over 100 objects, including a cat and ibis Mummies!

There was so much information and so many artifacts it really was worth seeing.

The day was then followed up with coffee and a shopping trip to the new Carindale Westfield! Impressive but it was a maze….